[ Tequilla Lime Chicken ]

Lately I find myself dreaming of standard 
household functions, like free laundry, no more
clothes-rationing (because there is no free laundry),
cooking, taking baths, and making delicious recipes.
Like this one. I'm drooling. It's 10am and I'm dreaming
about tequila soaked chicken.  It's not that I'm an alcholic
or anything ... it's just that it's well, Mexican food, chicken,
tequilla, and cheese ... and dangit. Drooling again. 

Oh Lord, with the cheese, and did I mention the tequila? 
Tequila, people. With cheese! And pico de gallo. 
I must get a job and an apartment simply for the purpose
of making this delicious looking Pioneer Woman dish.
OK. Maybe I should get a different job to pay my
bills a little easier ... and grow up and all that good stuff.
But think about the chicken ...

1 comment:

Amanda said...

thanks for making me drool at my desk!