Cakes Galore

I love love love Cake Wrecks
Sometimes you find things like these:


This cake is awesome! 
But they get worse... keep scrolling down.

(poo cakes)

(special cakes)
Hehehe. Ohh, the entertainment never stops!


{first week back}

I'm finally back to school and as busy as ever!
I am now entering my last semester in undergraduate college,
and to me, that is impossible! I very firmly informed a member of
my beloved security office that I am not going to grow up.
Ever. Ever-ever-ever. (I believe they call that Peter Pan Syndrome).
All week long I've been looking through some fun things:

Why does Natalie Portman keep showing up in my blog?
Gosh, she is pretty, though. Maybe it's the hair-eyes-cheekbones
combo (a deadly one at that).

Whilst browsing Sister's lovely blog, I went to the wonderful
Desire to Inspire page, and found these. Normally I post things I love
...but these I hate. When I look at them I feel like I'm in a terrifying
time warp with my mother's narration "Oh my word, that looks like
some wretched thing from the 70s!"
I agree wholeheartedly with the wretched 70s vibe. Ew.

But, I did love this (also from Desire to Inspire).
And so the long weekend begins!
Have a great MLKJr weekend!