fashion inspiration

Fashion is a constant source of inspiration for me. 
Call me crazy, but sometimes the lines and subject that pop out of 
wild photos make my little artist heart oh so happy

"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we 
have to alter it every six months."
- Oscar Wilde

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absurdly cute.

These photos from Sharon Montrose are so darling! 

Who can resist baby animals? 
It seems every time I visit her blog (one of my personal favorites), 
I can't help but sigh from the excessive cuteness oozing from her page.

Plus, her prints are so affordable. Perhaps I'll purchase one?


is it thanksgiving yet?

This week is only 2.5 days long, here at St. Jose's.
That's 2.5 days too long, if you ask me. 
Is it Thanksgiving yet??
I've been working on my "professional look" this past week, 
and have come up with something along the lines of this: 

It's strictly a rough draft, but you've got to start somewhere. 
By the end of 2.5 days, I'll probably have 50 different 
versions of it to choose from, wreck, and start over with. 
I think I have graphic design ADD. 
This CD case is mad cool (and I love it):

I really like the idea of "trash couture." 
It's been a source of inspiration for my thesis project. 
I guess I just like the grittiness of it.  

Too bad my thesis isn't on fashion!


a little inspiration...

I've been given the task of creating a "company look" 
for myself this week. I have to do stationary, business cards,
site framework, and packaging themes that all keep a 
coherent theme. I started drawing blanks, so I figured 
I'd grab some inspiration from that thing 
Al Gore invented (the www). 

I started browsing Fashion Gone Rogue in hopes of 
finding my favorite Harper's Bazaar photospread ever. 
It's title page has a fabulous color scheme with really 
great seriff fonts all arranged... 
and then 1940s style photos taken by Peter Lindbergh

(this is the title page that I love so much)

(samples of the fabulous photos)

Of course, after browsing Fashion Gone Rogue for a while, 
I got completely distracted and found these: 

Source: Amica December 2009 -- Judith Bedard by Eric Nehr

But, of course, I had to get back on task 
(thanks, Al Gore for the distraction-tool of the century!). 
So... I came upon some of these great ideas:

This is something I did for my News Layout class 
last semester... maybe something along those lines? 
I like having an animal on my card. I am, after all, 
an animal nut. Who knows... I'll think of something at 
2am sometime, and wake up my roommate trying 
to write it all down. Hopefully that'll be soon!


i'd rather be goofing off...

It's Monday again... does anyone know where
last week went? I think I misplaced it! 
Printing, trimming, matting, doing a newsletter layout, 
and consuming mass quantities of coffee before my 
night class is what my Monday has been made of so far. 
Honestly? I'd rather be goofing off.

There is some serious back-light in this photo
I love lighting like this!

This weekend's torrential rain limited some of my photos 
for the thesis project, but we improvised and revisited 
the old farmhouse that's sitting abandoned on Rt. 35.

After that we ventured around the Buxton/Gorham area.
This was taken in Gorham where an old gun powder 
mill used to be. This is on a water mill foundation. 

This is in Buxton at a huge dam where the water
was crazy from all the rain! We had to yell to 
hear each other give ideas and such... 
Check out the Audrey Hepburn Complex.
very fun...
Happy Monday!



and so the thesis goes...

And so the week begins. . .
 Lately I've been consumed by three things:
1. Breaking and entering for fun photo shoots
2. Finding time to do homework while I'm at work
3. Studying my butt off for my EMT-B National test

In between all that, I've had my eye on these...

This top is from Forever 21, and it is adorable. 
(I think I may have a slight problem with bow-obsession).

Old Soul New Heart continues to have fab headbands and necklaces.
So vintage and fun. I think my Gram Vance may have had something like this?

Also, this is the EMS jump kit I'm looking into. It's me-sized.
I'll probably get it unstocked and steal stuff from security!

Indie Mod has fab clothes.... end of story.

The other weekend, we got a little bored and went 
to Pawz and Clawz to play with some puppies! 
Dorky? Yes. Fun? Absolutely. I don't really like small dogs, 
but this Schnoodle (Schnauzer + Poodle = Schnoodle) 
became the love of my life. So happy, so bouncy, so cuddly, 
and SO apartment-sized... and he loved to give kisses.


This weekend we met up at the Marshall Estate: 

The sun was just right, so I made her stop and snapped a few like this. I love her blonde hair in the sun, it glows so perfectly!

The sun started getting low, and our friend Jack the Fox 
was watching the whole time, but she kept hitting it right! 
I love the light in this photo.

Who can resist moldy, crumbling wallpaper, 
dingy lace curtains, and a dusty organ?

All in all, we had fun running around the property 
and chasing our fox friend. Hopefully my professors
enjoy viewing these as much as I enjoyed 
shooting and printing them!


Nikon D5000

This is my new baby! It's a Nikon D5000,
and it is purely bad... you get the point.  


It's so nice to finally have the product of all
that hard work in my hands!
So, this little gem has been helping me start my thesis project:

 I've been working on grabbing shots at old broken down buildings.
This one was taken at a very abandoned house right near school.

This picture was taken at the old Marshall Estate here on campus
property. I'm looking for some serious grit and grime to shoot
in black and white. There's something about black and white photos
that just feel so simple and textured. If done right, they're just so
quiet and simple... and I love them.


a little indie-mod love...

love the clothes on Mod Cloth...

this dress is so sassy and cute!

... and I would never take this jacket off if I owned it!