{it's a mono-monday!}

I am so sick of being sick!
Mononucleosis is not where it's at, people.

I love this Plato quote. So true.

This Kingsley Dogstache toy is so amazing. 
I hope these are still around when I get a pup (someday).

The weather here is borderline violent today...
I can't wait for springy sunshine and green leaves!
(image via Rosie Hardy)


{fab, awesome, hilarious}

This font is fabulous.

This study nook is awesome.

This cartoon is hilarious.


Happy Monday!



Happy Friday! I'm so happy that the week is done!

I got my senior ball gown from a consignment shop the other day!
It's a David's Bridal gown that was originally $300...
I got it for $99.


{wanna go for a ride?}

It's a beautiful day here, and I feel like this dog! 
I wanna-go-fer-a-ride! (said in high pitched voice)

I think these cards from SeeSaw Letterpress are neat.

Nesting Newbies is a great online magazine that I stumbled 
upon the other day. This look is called "Urban Femme." Minus 
the heavy drapes, I love this look! Especially the zebra rug.


{warning: sappy content}

There are just some things in life that make you smile...
(images via the black hole that is my hard drive)

Happy Wednesday!


{do you miss him yet?}

It's Tuesday... 

  "I'm not here on a Tuesday. I know, I know what 
you're thinking- If I'm not here on a Tuesday, 
and we're not open on a Tuesday, and today is Tuesday 
and I'm standing here, then how can it be. 
Well, it depends on how you look at it!"
Laws of Attraction, anyone? 

... a little something from Sunday's shoot.
It was so muddy that we couldn't get anywhere to shoot! 
So, we'll try next weekend and wear boots this time!

It's funny, I was just talking on the phone with 
a friend about how much we actually dislike President Obama.
It always surprises me when I find a less-liberal 
opinion piece in the NY Times, and today I did just that!
Stanley Fish wrote "Do You Miss Him Yet?" last night.
Read it, you won't be disappointed (if you're a conservative, that is).


{sunday shoot}

Today I'm doing a shoot in Portland
with my friend for more thesis work!
(photo by Irving Penn)

(photo by Sally Man)

(Eichenwald Abby, Caspar David Friedrich)
... a little inspiration for today!


{senior ball is coming!}

As a senior, I get to go to the ball this year!
Only problem is, I have to find a dress...

This dress is soft and pretty (and from Nordstrom).

But this dress is so sexy!
Happy Saturday!


{imagination is key}

I love the fact that art, no matter what kind it is, 
allows your imagination to run wild. Maybe it's 
because I don't want to grow up and ever stop 
imagining crazy scenarios to play in, 
but I love the imagination aspect of art.

I guess by choosing to be an artist, I've chosen
to never really grow up... and I think I'm OK with that!

(images via my last photoshoot)
So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, 
don't be embarassed when you catch 
yourself thinking up wild and crazy ideas!
Happy Friday!


{amost there}

The weekend's almost here. phew.

I think this dress is so pretty!

What a crazy week... I can't wait for sleep!



I'm blue dabba-dee-dabba-die...
I'm usually not a huge blue fan, but I love these blue things.

 (images via dbd)

(image via fgr)
Have a great Wednesday :)


{T-1 day til Thesis Day}

One day until my thirty page thesis paper is due! Eeek!
I'd rather not be writing 20+ pages about the different 
ideas of beauty and how my work and other artists'
work relate to those ideas. Oh, did it happen to you too? 
Because every time I start talking about this thesis 
everyone glazes over and I swear I hear my self saying 
"wah wah wah-wah" like Charlie Brown's teacher!

I was looking through some things on Delight by Design
and I love this kitchen! It's so light and airy, and I love 
marble tile! It looks like the kind of place you 
could keep clean and bright.  What's your favorite kind of kitchen?


It's been a littler snowier around here, 
and I saw one of our campus's foxes yesterday! 
I didn't take this picture, but isn't he pretty on the white snow?


{organization = life}

It's Monday, and I've got a BIG week ahead of me.
I have a funny feeling I'm going to start looking
a little bit like a crazy person by the end of it all.

So, you might ask, what's the key to survival?  
Organization. These rooms just look so serene 
being so clean and organized, don't they?

Plus, IKEA has tons of little tricks for keeping 
cords from being messy. I hate messy cords!

Happy Monday!