{T-1 day til Thesis Day}

One day until my thirty page thesis paper is due! Eeek!
I'd rather not be writing 20+ pages about the different 
ideas of beauty and how my work and other artists'
work relate to those ideas. Oh, did it happen to you too? 
Because every time I start talking about this thesis 
everyone glazes over and I swear I hear my self saying 
"wah wah wah-wah" like Charlie Brown's teacher!

I was looking through some things on Delight by Design
and I love this kitchen! It's so light and airy, and I love 
marble tile! It looks like the kind of place you 
could keep clean and bright.  What's your favorite kind of kitchen?


It's been a littler snowier around here, 
and I saw one of our campus's foxes yesterday! 
I didn't take this picture, but isn't he pretty on the white snow?

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