{do you miss him yet?}

It's Tuesday... 

  "I'm not here on a Tuesday. I know, I know what 
you're thinking- If I'm not here on a Tuesday, 
and we're not open on a Tuesday, and today is Tuesday 
and I'm standing here, then how can it be. 
Well, it depends on how you look at it!"
Laws of Attraction, anyone? 

... a little something from Sunday's shoot.
It was so muddy that we couldn't get anywhere to shoot! 
So, we'll try next weekend and wear boots this time!

It's funny, I was just talking on the phone with 
a friend about how much we actually dislike President Obama.
It always surprises me when I find a less-liberal 
opinion piece in the NY Times, and today I did just that!
Stanley Fish wrote "Do You Miss Him Yet?" last night.
Read it, you won't be disappointed (if you're a conservative, that is).

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Amanda said...

hahahaha. any laws of attraction quote makes my day :o)