{ so neat! }

My family is known for being neat.
We clean, tidy up, organize, and repair
our own stuff as well as others. 
  It's not like we have OCD or anything.
We just like things to be in their proper place.

I have been told by people I work with:
a) "You're so OCD. Want to come over?"
b) "You should probably consider starting
your own cleaning business someday..."
c) "Stop cleaning my desk!!"

So, when I saw this website on Black Eiffel,
I naturally had a heart attack and died.
Of pure happiness. 
"Thing Organized Neatly" is incredible!


{ design crush: cue }

I have a new design firm crush: 
Cue, Inc. in Minneapolis, MN.

This is a brand kit they did for Tuaca, an Italian liqueur.
I'm dying. Can I work there, please?? Love. 
* images via Cue, Inc.


[busy busy bee]

I'm a horrible blogger.
I get busy,  I do things, I look at my blog and say
"oh yeah" like I forgot it was there. Oops!

In my defense, I have done the following things 
within the last week-and-a-half:
1. Get an iPhone. I've gained a new appendage.
2. Start yet another logo job.
3. Begun working on Sister's Save the Dates.
(aka STDs hehe)
4. Begun working on Cousin's Save the Dates.
5. Moved for the 15th time in 4 years.
6. Cleaned, done laundry, installed a new shower head,
cooked a delicious dinner (Italian chicken with spinach
and 3 cheese tortellini in a stewed tomato, zuchinni,
squash, carrots, onion, garlic and vodka sauce).
7. Thoroughly enjoyed the Daylight Savings change.
Hooray for an extra hour of sleep!

*Photos by Jono Winnel


[ photography crush: duck duck collective ]

I have a complete and total photographer crush 
on the folks at Duck Duck Collective. LOVE.
They're latest post "Vanessa: Lifestyle Test" is awesome!