I have an announcement:
I am going to see Dave Matthews at Fenway tomorrow night!
Willie Nelson opens...

... and Dave premiers the new album Big Whiskey & the Groo Grux King!

i love the following:
wall coloring, built-in bench, framed poster, cow-skin carpet

i want to jump on this bed.
(both via Design Sponge)

Phil Yamada makes very cool things.
Above is part of an alphabet series done with acrylic on old newpapers (very cool).

I may be copying this idea very soon...
(via Sesame Letterpress)

Please note the mouse in belly. Thanks.
(via A Beastie A Day)

Anna Bond's blog rocks, and so do her designs.
I love Garance Dore's illustrations!


playlist for friday.

some hip-hop jams for the weekend:

brother ali is like no other. dude's got serious abilities.
(listen here)

kanye west is so good it's annoying.
(heartless video)


lily allen is the sharpest little british chick out there.
(listen here)

and rihanna is, well, rihanna.
(take a bow)


happy long weekend!


friday (finally)

fabulous designs from jaime delaney of kildare, ireland

love it.
(more from the irish designer above)

very cool french movie for CS4

madeleine peyroux is coming to maine - and i'm going for free!
(i'm really not that special, it's an l.l. bean concert)
hear her here.

my new favorite pub (for now)
last night i found my new favorite drink (also for now)

bluepoolroad has amazing 'eco-chic' designs
small square design is equally cool


just cuz.

"fox: design on the sly"
my logo for my designs :)



awesome photo via Matt Jones
(subject is Trish South)

amazing silk screens from Wayne Pate

oh wow wednesday

the back of this dress is oh so sexy.
(via .v)

Hugh Stewart is a crazy photographer.
(love her eyes)

(love her boots)
Hugh Stewart

(love her dress)
Hugh Stewart

who wouldn't love a peaceful bedroom from IKEA?

love this chest from IKEA's Hemnes collection.
kind of a modern take on the antique dressers in my mom's house!
very cool fabrics from IKEA.
perhaps I should put some of my designs on fabric?

Rescue Me has got to be my new favorite show.
Season 5 is running now, but hulu is catching me up!

amazing photo of Ellsbury getting tagged at home...
he was out, but we still beat the Angels. GO SOX.
(photo via mlb.com)

I read this Dorothy Parker quote today and giggled:

I like to have a martini,

Two at the very most.
After three I'm under the table,
After four I'm under my host...