. [ art - fully engrossed & involved ]


I am loving these photos of Helen Frankenthaler in her studio. There's something wonderful about be so fully engrossed and involved in a piece you're working on. That sense of losing all time and placement while working is something I absolutely adore. I think that may actually be the thing I miss the most about working in the studio constantly. Immersing yourself in a project is the best. I love walking to my car covered in clay and glaze or with ink all over my arms, shirt, face, hands ... you get the point.

There's nothing better than locking yourself in a studio in the middle of the night and working through exhaustion and emotions and viewing this incredible end product. An end product that really holds a little piece of your heart and soul. 

I think everyone should have their moment to lose themselves don't you? What's your bliss-immersion? 

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. [ music monday - wanderlust ]

Sometimes I feel like hopping in a car and driving for miles and miles with no particular spot or end date in mind ... I feel like this especially at the beginning of the work week when I'd rather be roaming aimlessly! If I were to load up a van and start driving, this is the kind of music I'd do it with:

Home // Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros 
I Want Some More // Dan Auerbach
Your Man // Patrick Sweany
I'm Not the One // The Black Keys
Carolina Drama // The Raconteaurs
Someday // The Strokes
Ball and Biscuit // The White Stripes
Skinny Woman // R.L. Burnside

Even if I have to work (and not be a wild traveler), I do love to start my day with some good bluesy rockish jams ... nothing gets me going better. 

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


. [ behind the scenes - with mad men ]

I am loving these behind the scenes photos of the Mad Men set by James Minchin. Perfect mood, perfect photos. How good is this show, ps?

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. [ The History of ... ]

These posters from H-57 are delightful.  Now, why didn't I think of that? 


. [ woof. ]

Who knew that when I moved to Gorham I'd fall in love with a hyperactive boxer with a frighteningly adorable under-bite? Goodness, she's cute. Cuddles, playing, and personality-plus ... could we ask for more?

I hope there's something this sweet in your life this Monday morning!