I've been derilict and haven't posted... 
but now there are five days until Christmas!

Last night we had a wonderful family get together,
 and I enjoyed seeing everyone. 
Don't you love family get togethers?

I saw this photo of Grace Kelly on Ruby Press

Today I am taking pictures for the 
Epsom Fire Department! I am excited to see all 
the kids and their dads/moms in front of the fire trucks! 
I do love big, bright red fire trucks!



* * There are only 8 days until Christmas! * *

These city street lights are wonderful!
The roomy and I drove through Congress Street in Portland
to see all the pretty lights the other night...
they were great, but nothing like these!
(images via A Life More Fabulous)

Preparing for Christmas makes me miss looking
at fields with cows and snow... I love this old farmhouse
in Jackson Hole, WY.

Blossom and Branch in Brooklyn, NY has beautiful arrangements.

(this is me being a hopeless romantic)
"what lies behind us and what lies before us
are tiny matters compare to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson



It's the Tuesday of finals... and I'm going crazy.
(But not crazy enough to not share these:)

Love the idea of using old wine bottles on a dinner table!

Recently, I did some family photos for a friend and her brother.
They'll use these for a family Christmas present.

We took several of them together, and then a
few with their adorable puppy Macy! What a goof.

Last night I went in to Williams and Sonoma to pick up some
Christmas presents and saw this wreath. I want a place to hang
one like it! Or maybe the money to shop there routinely...

I'm excited to go home for Christmas! I'm definitely looking
forward to hanging out with the sister. This photo reminds me
of something we would do!
(image via Rockstar Diaries)
Only 9 days until Christmas!



It's Sunday, and I'm kicking off the final week of my
2nd to last semester at SJC with an art history paper.
(And, of course, with some distractions).

I think these pan tone mugs would make a hilarious gift... maybe
because I'm a graphic design geek, but I'm sure there are tons of
people out there that would be in love with these funny mugs
from Uncommon Goods too!

Anthropologie has fun vintage-y Christmas ornaments.
Many of them remind me of our awesome tree at home.
(Which I love for it's eclectic-eccentric look).

I really like this "Partridge in a Pear Tree" Stationary
... it would be great(er) embossed though!
(via Kate Spade)

I've been reading LonnyMag, a new magazine online.
It's really great, and over 100 pages long of photos, design,
fashion, architecture... AKA awesomeness.
11 days 'til Christmas!



It's Saturday, and I'm being lazy and am up to no good in general. 
Isn't that what the weekends are for??

These fur throws are so fabulous and look so cozy. 

Love, Taza makes great headbands. 
Who will make me one that's affordable? Geesh. 

I've been enjoying looking through 
Pioneer Woman's photos on flickr

And, of course, to get in the Christmas spirit, 
I've been listening to one of my favorites! 
Diana Krall's Christmas CD is great. 
Oh yeah, me and the fam saw her live this summer!
Oh, and there are 12 days until Christmas!



Happy Friday! Only another week left of this semester
... which means graduation is getting close!
Here's a little eye candy that's making my morning happy:

"The Young Stockbroker, Sydney" is so snappy and professional.  

Sublet Clothing has such cool / interesting clothes. love

 Anthropologie has this very cool scarf. 
I think it'd look lovely with my pea coat!

While I was looking around Living Etc. I found this cool/great idea. 
If your apartment has a fireplace that's been blocked, 
install a TV on the hearth... great use of space, great height. 
Only problem I see? My 19" would look pathetic there. 

Dandelion Ranch (in LA) has very pretty arrangements.
One of these would look nice on my mom's white Corian counter tops!
There are only 13 days until Christmas! 
So, Happy Friday and hang on... because Christmas is coming!


it's a monday for sure.

It's definitely a Monday... and it's going to be a busy week.

Natalie Portman is so stinkin' pretty! 
I want her hair. 


I've been working on my "personal identity" work for my graphic
design independent study, and this is what I've come up with 
as an alternative to my old-fashioned lettering.

 This is a crappy screenshot... 
but it's available in orange, green, and blue!
(orange being my favorite) 
Watch "Monday Monday" here
(love the Mama's and the Papa's)