It's the Tuesday of finals... and I'm going crazy.
(But not crazy enough to not share these:)

Love the idea of using old wine bottles on a dinner table!

Recently, I did some family photos for a friend and her brother.
They'll use these for a family Christmas present.

We took several of them together, and then a
few with their adorable puppy Macy! What a goof.

Last night I went in to Williams and Sonoma to pick up some
Christmas presents and saw this wreath. I want a place to hang
one like it! Or maybe the money to shop there routinely...

I'm excited to go home for Christmas! I'm definitely looking
forward to hanging out with the sister. This photo reminds me
of something we would do!
(image via Rockstar Diaries)
Only 9 days until Christmas!

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Amanda said...

let's please take a picture like that one soon - it's so sweet and i love it :)