portfolio peak

Here's a little sneak-peak at my new portfolio:

... and there it is. Well, at least some of its contents.

... another Thank You card from my up-coming
Etsy shop which (by the way) has a new header!


[ tuesday treats ]

I love these quotation earrings by Tom Binns,
so quirky and sharp!

This is a sneak-peak at one of the cards in 
my soon-released card set!

Belegant Home & Pet has very interesting furniture.
I would love this headboard on a big bed, 
and the upholstered bench for the foot!


[ etsy finds ]

I really like Toon Design's Etsy shop
wouldn't these be great bridesmaid clutches?

Flowered Sky Beads has some cool pins for clutches.
Perhaps a fun addition to all of those cloth purses I've got?
ps. Today, I opened my own Etsy shop.
(no content yet, but look for updates!)


[ drool ]

It's official. I'm in love with this phone.


water color + LL Bean = love

I am in love with these business cards seen on Oh Happy Day!
I want a letterpress ... and awesome cards like these too!

L.L. Bean has a new line called L.L. Bean Signature.
I am in love with this sweater... it's so pretty.


{ a love letter for you }

I love this project in Philedelphia called Love Letters.
I think all cities should do art projects like this to
dress up the crummy parts of town... who says
an old building can't be a piece of art?

Happy Birthday... to you!

It's his birthday today!

So... Happy Birthday!

(awesome poster via Inky Lips)


f-f-friday is here!

I love designer Akira Isogawa's work.

I love the color of this setee! I'm not so much about
the rose-adorned pillow, but the newspaper and
flower dissection prints are great accessories.
image via Everything Fabulous

I want a zebra rug. Really really bad.


office-delight? yes please.

I'm only dreaming of having such a lovely office someday...

I think this rings true for most of us.


a-frame magic!

This A-frame house is so peaceful looking!
(via Grey)

This summer it is my goal to learn to throw pottery...
... and no, I don't mean against the wall. That I can do.

Last night I watched the boy playing SMCC baseball in 
Old Orchard til 1am! Sadly, the boys didn't make it, 
but I enjoyed watching them play a good ball game
(despite the 38 degree weather).


fun things.

Check out Third Door Down's shop... these are my favs:  
These mustache mugs are great.
This beard-cap is hilarious.
This get-a-brain swim cap is fabulous.


announcing: i have alumni status!

I am officially a St. Joseph's College of Maine alumni!
... and now I need a job.

This is my official logo (designed by myself).

Need a logo done for you or your business? 
I'll do that too! This is a logo I did for a company in Ontario.


On a different note...

I met Fred Field this past weekend...
what an amazing photographer. Check him out here.


*so* cute

Who says that kids now-a-days don't appreciate art?



I have senior-itis bigtime.

I would rather go play outside ...

... or hang with the ones I love.


birthday bling

See that fabulous watch 
Sandra Bullock wore in The Bind Side?


Now you know how much I love good bling...

My birthday bling turned out to be the watch!
Yep, my man's the greatest.