Texting While Driving

My friend Kait posted this video on her facebook today, and I couldn't help but post it here. Kait is a firefighter, and can't say enough about people who text and drive. This video was broadcast on FOX News a few nights ago, and I think everyone (especially my friends) should watch this! (Sorry the size of the video isn't right!)


Finally Friday

These parents-to-be made a video about naming their baby...
and I love it! (via A Cup of Jo)

The New York Times has a huge collection of their readers' dogs!

These two guys (above) are my favorites on the site.

However, these two are my all time favorites! I took this the evening the family spent at Grammy and Grampy's house a few weekends ago. Even the dogs look serious! Yikes!

I've been trying to keep it organized here in IT the last few days, and I just can't seem to get ahead! It looks like a cardboard graveyard after getting several new printers and PCs. I can't wait for allocations to be over so I can get all this junk away from my front desk. (I say my and really mean IT's). Ever feel frustrated because no matter how much you clean and organize you feel like you haven't even made a dent?? I do! This office (above) has the right idea. It's simple, clean, and there's good looking vertical storage! Who's jealous? Yup. This gal...
(image via This is Glamorous)

Erin Jang is a very talented designer who's work really inspires me.

She has clean lines, great color schemes, funky and quirky ideas, and tons of beautiful print jobs. She's got everything from stationary, to invitations, to books, to her work in Esquire Magazine. Her blog shows all.

This is the kind of work I want to do in the future! Maybe throw in some photography and web design, and I pretty much want this lady's career... minus the Seattle part. Washington State + me = not so much.

This look is sultry and sweet. Love the hair, love the dress, and I love the marina. Somehow I don't think I could go to the store or hair dresser and obtain that little jobby...
(image via This is Glamorous)

Have a happy weekend!