{friday already?}

Thank goodness it's Friday already!
My week was short, thanks to our past Presidents. 
But I'm always enamored with short weeks. 
Today I go ride on the ambulance in Raymond!
I hope all goes well, but I hope I get a call too...
Where do you balance wishing for a call and hoping everyone's OK? 

Bob O'Connor is a fabulous photographer, I love how rich his 
pieces are. He inspires me... and makes me want to go to Iceland!

Don't you wish you could write like this? 
Have a wonderful weekend!


{every dog has its day}

Some days I just love to look through Sharon Montrose's photos. 
Who doesn't love cute, cuddly animals? 
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually think 
the Boston Terrier she photographs is adorable!

If I ever get a Boston Terrier, I'm naming him Duke...
just for a throwback for my mom!

So precious! I feel so doggy-deprived living on a college campus...
Have a happy Thursday, and check out Sister's cute dog on her blog!


{shout out to Jon Klassen}

It's snowing in Maine again! 
It's been a warm few weeks here... a lovely few weeks at that. 
 * * * * *

I love Jon Klassen's work. He so talented and good at 
conveying a moody tone in all of his work. He did an 
awesome commercial for the BBC about the Winter 2010 Olympics.
 (Watch it HERE).


{Vote for my Friends!}

Crate and Barrel is holding an Ultimate Wedding Contest,
and my friends entered! Vote for them here:

Here are some of the items they put on their registry:
(good taste, might I add)


{big attitude}

Some days my attitude is much bigger than my 4 foot 10 inch frame.

... a lot bigger.


{and so the long weekend begins}

Today is the last day of work before the long weekend!
I can't wait to hang out, be goofy, and sleep in past 7.
Some fun photos for the start of it all...

(Tom Ford Campaign '10)

... just plain silly.

... and a good new jam. it's just too much fun ...
Happy Friday!


{is it friday yet?}

I'm tired of this week, and very much ready for my long weekend!
Thank God for President's Day! 

Certain events this week have made me feel a little crazy...
Don't you just feel like this sometimes?

These invites are so great! I love the DIY feeling... very personal.

I did another shoot with my friend Ashley this week. 
Isn't she just the cutest?
We're doing our big Ruven Afanador inspired shoot this weekend!

So, regardless of crappy weeks, I'm gonna keep doin' 
what I do and lovin' who I love.  Happy Thursday!



It's Monday, and I think we could all use a little giggle.
Oh, to be little and this amused at everything again...


black, white, & creepy.

I've come to the conclusion that I stink at blogging. 
I never am consistent! I also am a very busy little girl...
Love the photo shoot that was done for Alexander Wang S/S '10.
I find myself loving black and white more and more every day!

This weekend I may be doing another shoot
inspired by this Ruven Afanador series done a few years ago. 
I have no clue what my issue is, but I do love the 
creep factor about this series... it's very Tim Burton. 

These are my three "creep factor" pieces that I adore. 
I just got to print out the middle one large scale last night (2'x3.5').
Our 6' long printer (named the Big Kahuna) is so awesome!
... and now back to being busy...