business card love

I like my logo and business cards and all, but 
I want these! These are so great, and make mine look
shabby. Perhaps it's time for a card make - over...

design love:
Zachariah OHora


tiny spaces

As I've been browsing some apartment sites, I'm 
starting to realize the extreme costs that come with living 
in NYC! I can afford to live in a tiny studio in very few places!

But, when I look at great pictures like these, it gives
me hope! Just because I can afford a tiny space that's not
the Ritz, doesn't mean I can't be creative with storage.
Vertical storage and creative placement of shelving 
is such a great way to use a space to the fullest ...
These pictures make me want to go move now!


Return: ME

I have officially returned from NYC, 
and want to go back immediately... I love it.

The smog is gross, the traffic is loud, and people
are rude and all somewhat angry looking... and 
yet I loved it. Maybe my coffee-infused lifestyle
would work out in the big rat race of NYC?

I would love to live in a place like these, but
sadly I think I can afford something more like this:

It's roughly the size of a shoe box, and has just enough 
room for a mouse to sneeze in. Good thing I'm little!


BP and duckies

With all of the hype surrounding the BP oil leak,
I can't help but wish I could go help somehow.
Especially when I watch this Dawn commercial.

It makes me so sad to see God's little creatures
covered in oil and unhealthy. I'm glad that Dawn 
has donated over $500,000 to the cleanup cause.


[announcing: my website]

I am pleased to announce ....

McGowan Design is up and running! Hooray!


Pixar short

This is the cutest Pixar short film yet:


thought of the day

[ this is a very good idea. ]


grand opening: my etsy!

I am proud to announce ...
my Etsy shop is open for business!

... go check it out and if you feel lead to ...
Send someone you love a premium Thank You card!


feeling beachy

I'm feeling rather beachy today.

(clay tiles by Heather Knight)
(leather key chains by Sacaclaques)



Some lovely colors I found and love today...
That raspberry sofa is calling my name!
(ring & money clip via cosmicfirefly)

Happy Friday!


view from the top

Check out this incredible view of the smoke from the wildfires in 
Quebec! It was so smokey on campus last night, we couldn't even
see across the entire campus... so crazy!


i'll eat you up, i love you so

Dear Colleen's shop on Etsy rocks:

These prints are the kinds of things that make my
little heart go pitter-patter-pitter-patter...

[etsy finds: more purses]

Hi, my name is Hannah, and I'm addicted to purses.

TippyThai's shop on Etsy is awesome! 
I love these handmade purses from Thailand.


Breagha makes amazing things in tweed (love).
Crystalnkae has tons of great hobos and totes.