Corian Love

This is an awesome new collection from Corian. It's really bold and almost gaudy, but if it was the only "holy cow" piece in a room, how cool would it be? Check it out here.


First Full-out Hydrogen Car

The world's first full-out hydrogen car is here! It was released in Japan on Monday. "Fuel cells work by combining hydrogen and oxygen from ordinary air to make electricity, in a process whose only byproducts are water and heat," according to the NYTimes.
It's about time, man. But, how much does this thing cost to fix??


The Lorax Knew What He was Talking About

"UNLESS"Did you know that approximately 13 million hectares of forest are lost annually in our world? (One hectare = 10,000 square meters). Over 232,000 square miles of Amazon rain forest have been deforested since 1970. Forests are the primary absorbers of the carbon dioxide that is trapped in our atmosphere, accelerating the unnatural heating of the earth. Perhaps we should listen to Dr. Seuss's Lorax and take care of our trees...



Love. This. Picture.

Political Cartoons Speak Loud & Clear

Translates to "American-Iranian negotiations about Iraq."
Interesting viewpoint. I found this in a collection of political cartoons published in newspapers across Iraq. Both of these are provided by the NYTimes. I always like hearing what the people who live in the war zone feel like...
However, I think people here in the US should remember that at least we have done some good things in Iraq... this cartoon translates to "Four years occupation, terror, mass killing, sectarian violence, sectarian and ethnic displacement," referring to Hussein's rule.
War's not pretty, and perhaps now we're playing referee between two religious groups, but we have done some good things for the people of Iraq so far... I think that's important to remember.


Love for the Day

Here's my love for the day... look at those eyes. Found him here on flickr.


Wacom Bamboo

I want one so bad! This would be great for projects & play.

Bacon the Rat

This is Bacon, my giant rat. My roommate likes to call him a ROUS (Rodent of Unusual Size). Today he's being entertained by an ice cube as it's rather hot out. He's practically giddy when I give him ice. He jumps all around and chases the ice all over his cage. If only the rest of us could be as grateful for the simple pleasures of life!

The 30th Blistered Fingers Bluegrass Festival

The Blistered Fingers Bluegrass Festivals are going to be starting up soon! The music is great (if you like bluegrass), the area is beautiful. Last year my friend went and had to wear shit-kickers the whole time because it was so muddy... so bring some boots if you go!

Afternoon Row

I always think of one of my favorite books, The Wind in the Willows when I look at this...