Happy Friday! Only another week left of this semester
... which means graduation is getting close!
Here's a little eye candy that's making my morning happy:

"The Young Stockbroker, Sydney" is so snappy and professional.  

Sublet Clothing has such cool / interesting clothes. love

 Anthropologie has this very cool scarf. 
I think it'd look lovely with my pea coat!

While I was looking around Living Etc. I found this cool/great idea. 
If your apartment has a fireplace that's been blocked, 
install a TV on the hearth... great use of space, great height. 
Only problem I see? My 19" would look pathetic there. 

Dandelion Ranch (in LA) has very pretty arrangements.
One of these would look nice on my mom's white Corian counter tops!
There are only 13 days until Christmas! 
So, Happy Friday and hang on... because Christmas is coming!

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Amanda said...

i LOVE that top image...if there is any style that i want to imitate, that's the one :)