is it thanksgiving yet?

This week is only 2.5 days long, here at St. Jose's.
That's 2.5 days too long, if you ask me. 
Is it Thanksgiving yet??
I've been working on my "professional look" this past week, 
and have come up with something along the lines of this: 

It's strictly a rough draft, but you've got to start somewhere. 
By the end of 2.5 days, I'll probably have 50 different 
versions of it to choose from, wreck, and start over with. 
I think I have graphic design ADD. 
This CD case is mad cool (and I love it):

I really like the idea of "trash couture." 
It's been a source of inspiration for my thesis project. 
I guess I just like the grittiness of it.  

Too bad my thesis isn't on fashion!

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