and so the thesis goes...

And so the week begins. . .
 Lately I've been consumed by three things:
1. Breaking and entering for fun photo shoots
2. Finding time to do homework while I'm at work
3. Studying my butt off for my EMT-B National test

In between all that, I've had my eye on these...

This top is from Forever 21, and it is adorable. 
(I think I may have a slight problem with bow-obsession).

Old Soul New Heart continues to have fab headbands and necklaces.
So vintage and fun. I think my Gram Vance may have had something like this?

Also, this is the EMS jump kit I'm looking into. It's me-sized.
I'll probably get it unstocked and steal stuff from security!

Indie Mod has fab clothes.... end of story.

The other weekend, we got a little bored and went 
to Pawz and Clawz to play with some puppies! 
Dorky? Yes. Fun? Absolutely. I don't really like small dogs, 
but this Schnoodle (Schnauzer + Poodle = Schnoodle) 
became the love of my life. So happy, so bouncy, so cuddly, 
and SO apartment-sized... and he loved to give kisses.


This weekend we met up at the Marshall Estate: 

The sun was just right, so I made her stop and snapped a few like this. I love her blonde hair in the sun, it glows so perfectly!

The sun started getting low, and our friend Jack the Fox 
was watching the whole time, but she kept hitting it right! 
I love the light in this photo.

Who can resist moldy, crumbling wallpaper, 
dingy lace curtains, and a dusty organ?

All in all, we had fun running around the property 
and chasing our fox friend. Hopefully my professors
enjoy viewing these as much as I enjoyed 
shooting and printing them!

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Amanda said...

wow, there is a lot of talk about crime in this post! :)

love the pup and am still enjoying your thesis pics...the ones that involve building decay and wear are my favorites!