a little inspiration...

I've been given the task of creating a "company look" 
for myself this week. I have to do stationary, business cards,
site framework, and packaging themes that all keep a 
coherent theme. I started drawing blanks, so I figured 
I'd grab some inspiration from that thing 
Al Gore invented (the www). 

I started browsing Fashion Gone Rogue in hopes of 
finding my favorite Harper's Bazaar photospread ever. 
It's title page has a fabulous color scheme with really 
great seriff fonts all arranged... 
and then 1940s style photos taken by Peter Lindbergh

(this is the title page that I love so much)

(samples of the fabulous photos)

Of course, after browsing Fashion Gone Rogue for a while, 
I got completely distracted and found these: 

Source: Amica December 2009 -- Judith Bedard by Eric Nehr

But, of course, I had to get back on task 
(thanks, Al Gore for the distraction-tool of the century!). 
So... I came upon some of these great ideas:

This is something I did for my News Layout class 
last semester... maybe something along those lines? 
I like having an animal on my card. I am, after all, 
an animal nut. Who knows... I'll think of something at 
2am sometime, and wake up my roommate trying 
to write it all down. Hopefully that'll be soon!

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