i'd rather be goofing off...

It's Monday again... does anyone know where
last week went? I think I misplaced it! 
Printing, trimming, matting, doing a newsletter layout, 
and consuming mass quantities of coffee before my 
night class is what my Monday has been made of so far. 
Honestly? I'd rather be goofing off.

There is some serious back-light in this photo
I love lighting like this!

This weekend's torrential rain limited some of my photos 
for the thesis project, but we improvised and revisited 
the old farmhouse that's sitting abandoned on Rt. 35.

After that we ventured around the Buxton/Gorham area.
This was taken in Gorham where an old gun powder 
mill used to be. This is on a water mill foundation. 

This is in Buxton at a huge dam where the water
was crazy from all the rain! We had to yell to 
hear each other give ideas and such... 
Check out the Audrey Hepburn Complex.
very fun...
Happy Monday!

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