[ fashion week: Jason Wu ]

As I've said before, I'm a little obsessed with fashion
... and NY Fashion Week has just come to an end.

Jason Wu's Spring 2011 line is major.
I seriously started salivating when looked through his
look book and FGR's post on the runway show. 

These looks are seriously lust-worthy. Wouldn't you 
love to wear these looks to work ... and just watch people's
jaws drop ... and see their envy, and watch them turn green. 
OK. I got side-tracked.  It happens, don't judge. 

I mean, look at this! If you wore this to an interview,
it's a guarantee that you'd get hired. Or robbed of your
suit... and then you'd have to go home necked (embarrassing).

This dress? I died. I seriously died, and then was 
resurrected because I looked at it again. It's so 
crazy-gorgeous. That color combo makes me want to
start wearing only nude-navy combos for maybe... forever.

And then there's this dress. This dress could conquer
an empire. While it's still on the hanger. And then put 
it on someone? Gosh. No one would have a chance for
survival. Jason Wu is super talented ... and I'm a little jealous.
OK. So, now that you've heard me gush about fashion
(again), I'll curb my enthusiasm. You may wonder what
makes me go so gaga over clothes (after all, it's just clothes, 
right?). But, there's more to fashion than clothes 
and superficiality for me. I really love beautiful things. 
It's less of a girly-pretty-obsession thing and more of a
 ... I love all artsy pretty things. Hence, my Visual Arts 
major. Fashion is another expression of design (quite literally) 
and art. Thus, I love it. Patterns, colors, looks, and 
fabrics are so inspiring for graphic design and 
photography, and it makes me happy to see 
other artists expressing their talent so well and so successfully.

... and with that, I wish you a happy weekend!

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