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Be still my soul, Fossil's done it again.
Dang it ... now I've drooled on my keyboard!
(just kidding ... kind of)

All those who are excited for fall, raise their hand!
Am I the only one around here who's excited
for fall? Crisp mornings/evenings, crunchy leaves,
pretty reds and yellows, great jackets, wool socks ...
I also am a big fan of seeing my breath in the AM.
Good thing I live in Maine, right?

I got quite a verbal lashing this morning for
celebrating fall: a certain co-worker does not share
my love for the colder weather, and let me know.
Me: "It was so cold walking to work!"
Co-worker: "Urrggh. I know."
Me: "You know what that means ... fall!"
Co-worker: "Geroff-shut-up."
Me: "Ok-sorry-I'll-start-the-coffee."

OK, so that's not much of a verbal lashing.
It was more of a guttural I-will-kill-you response
accompanied by such looks that let me
know that a) fall does not rock (lies!) and
b) not everyone likes to be awake before 10am.

ps. I want to look this cute everyday-all-day.

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