[ love-sick-craziness ]

OK. So I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession
with fashion. We've established that plenty of times.
Well, with that obsession comes a little change-up
in my daily wardrobe and hairstyles ... it happens.

With that said, I've been pairing different outfits
together lately that I haven't in the past, and a few
people have noticed (in a good way, don't worry).
It's not that I'm like super-crazy-obsessive to the point
where I need to be committed to an insane asylum for
fashionably sensible ... I just have nothing better to do
with my time. And I really like to look good.
There. I said it! I am vain vain vain!

Well, a certain momma-away-from-home figure of mine,
(don't worry Real Momma Bear, no one will truly ever
replace you. Ever. Ever ever ever ever), started teasing me
yesterday during my lunch break, and I had to laugh at myself.
I am somewhat ridiculous. When I'm bored in my evenings
that are filled with Rachel Zoe reruns and Red Sox games,
I consider what I'll wear the next day ... and how I should
wear my hair so as to compliment my neckline or  tattoo
or Lord-knows-what. Anyways, she gave me a little
humor  to remind myself that humility is key. After all,
one can dress nicely and look pretty, but a humble and kind
spirit is far more beautiful than a brash fashionista.

Well, after that little heart-to-heart moment,
I had a moment of clarity (but I did not lose my taste)
and calmed myself a little bit. And then, today, temptation
bit. Hard. Someone in my department told me how cute I am.
She said my style is wonderful. She wants to go get hair
done together. The monster arose, it bit, it tackled,
my inner being morphed into an evil spirit and ... well....
We have hair appointments for our lunch break this Friday.

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