[ eye-liner slide ]

As I said yesterday, I am very overtired. I just wanted to preface this post with that.

OK. So, I seriously had the stupidest encounter with a student on Wednesday. I know, I'm a little late on the reporting, but get over it. So there!

We, the IT Helpdesk, recommend that students buy our fancy-schmancy Lenovo laptops that they can spill Lord-knows-what on it, drop it out of 3rd story windows, and/or put 17  thousand viruses on it. Why? Because it's under warrantee, and our vendor will replace it for free. The student in the forth-coming story did what we told her to (amazing).

This young lady, who is tanner than Snooki, spilled a yeasty smelling liquid into her laptop. We sent it out, made magic, and it now works. Cool.

Well, she got a virus. Clarification: her laptop did. She came into the office and started up with the waterworks, and stated that she hates her laptop and wants a full refund. (Wouldn't it be great if I could just turn on the waterworks and start getting refunds? I'd be a shameless crier. All the time.)

It was like a slow motion moment for me. I saw the copious amounts of black eyeliner  starting to run. It came forth, and started to slide ... slowly ... then faster ... and, oh no! Even  faster! It was like watching someone power-wash a show-quality Holstein at the fair. All the blackness washed down her face ... except I didn't have any Blueing to fix her up with  afterwards! Twas a shame.

Except, I got a small amount of satisfaction out of it  because she shouted at me. Is that  wrong? If it is, SUE ME.

(Just kidding, please don't sue me. I'm broke.)


Amanda said...

i forwarded this to mark and told him that i think you're the coolest. he agreed and said he can't wait to be able to call you his sister too - since you're so cool and all :)

maine_girl10 said...

ha! I am hardly cool -- I make Holstein/Blueing comparisons ...