[sisterly love]

Yesterday, like many days, I chatted with sister
on gChat off and on all day. And upon reviewing a 
few of our recent conversations, I realized that we
have our own little jibber-jabber language and say 
the most random things in conversation. For example:

Me: (In regards to the new auto-fill Google) 
Like ... "asian"brings up "asian carp" first off. 
Who cares about asian carp?
Amanda:  When I type in asian I get asian 
longhorned beetle.That's even less interesting 
than asian carp in my book. I wonder why they 
think I want to know about longhorned beetles?
This isn't even the worst of it. Believe me.

Me: One of our students is a Criminal Justice major
and she just did a paper on prison rape. She was all like
"oh you should read my paper ... it's super  interesting."
And I was all like "Maybe another time, "because,
frankly, I don't want to read about men raping each
other in public showers. Not my cup-o-tea, you know?
Amanda: Agreed.     Me: Seriously.
What the ... ?

I mean, it's not like we plan on having odd little topics
of conversation ... it just kind of happens. Hey, I know
it might seem a little weird, but don't judge! We're sisters.
But, my recent favorite little thing I've seen myself writing
to my big sister in an epileptic fit of epic proportions?

"I hope your separation anxiety gets better, 
my sweet little puppy sissy. xoxo."

Honestly, people. Where do we come up with this stuff?

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