[ Anna McGoo-ain ]

OK. So I've been working straight since last Thursday.
Big deal, right? Plenty of people in this world work 60 hours 
each week. I, however, am not successfully one of those people. 

This morning when my alarm went off I was all snuggled
into my glorious nest of cotton and faux fur (my favorite blanket).
Sub-zero temperatures from my AC unit were demanding 
that I stay in bed even longer, and I agreed. So I hit snooze. 
4x. And then I had to take a record time Speedy Gonzalez 
shower and sprint to work.

Can I just say this? When Hannah works 7 days in a row 
and when Day 6 is a 12.5 hour workday, she's a little spacey. 
I may or may not be guilty of answering my boss's phone 
with a heavy sigh and yawn today. Yessir, I am guilty as charged. 
I didn't even correct a sales lady when she called me
"Anna McGoo-ain." I just said "this is she."

When did I change my name to Anna McGoo-ain?

1 comment:

J. Gaudern said...

love it. worked till 9:30 tonight I'm beginning to feel your pain HA
Aunt Janice