.. { a winter storm warning is in effect for the following counties ... }

 Oh, good morning everyone. How were you woken up this lovely morning? By song birds, rays of sunshine and fresh cups of coffee? Perhaps a sweet significant other brought you breakfast in bed and whispered sweet nothings in your ear. 

Yeah, right. 

Today, I woke up in my usual fashion. Alarm - snooze - alarm - snooze (repeat 700 times). After that fun little routine, I grabbed my handy dandy iPhone and went straight for my AccuWeather and Weather Channel apps. Don't judge me. I'm addicted to weather. I was greeted by the weather warning tone, and that annoying NOAA lady saying "a winter storm warning is in effect for the following counties ..." She proceeded to list the county I live in, the county I work in, all of the counties I will be driving through to get to the county that my parents live in. That's a whole lot of counties. By the way, that left image is the storm a brewin' in the Ohio valley. She's coming our way!

That's right, peoples. If you are hearing about the wicked storm comin' our way for the first time from me, you really need to get a life. And watch the news a little more. Or even turn on your radio. Open a newspaper. Read the almanac! Do something forgoodnessake.

So, because I live in Maine, and this weather is unavoidable, I am trying to mentally prepare for the storm. I'm keeping my eye on it (Oh, hi Radarscope - best app ever). I'm thinking about how to drive safely in the snow. I'm planning how to fit two cars and a large boat in one mid-sized garage. This storm will be the first of many storms this year, so fellow Mainers, let's put on the boots and Carharts and face this ungodly precipitation without trepidation or fear! 

OK. That took a lot of energy. I'm going to need another cup of coffee. Good luck and safe travels to everyone driving tomorrow! 



. { it's a dog's life }

Life's tough when you're this stinkin' cute, huh?

OK, I just had to share that with you this morning. After all, the roommate and I spent several minutes laughing at her last night, I thought you might enjoy as well!



. { badger | mushroom flashbacks }

So, I was browsing one of my favorite blogs (Design Sponge) the other day, and saw this cute fabric pattern from Skinny La Minx, a cute shop on Etsy. Before I even had time to process the fine lines and awesome color palettes, a voice in my head starting chanting "badger-badger-badger-badger-badger-badger --- mushroom! mushroom!" 

what.   the.    heck.

Does anyone else remember this ridiculous website? I remember when we first found this in highschool me and my friends used to laugh at it for hours (yeah, we were shameless). We would even reference things like "Woooo! It's a snake!" on the bus. Yes, we were those kids. Those kids that were endlessly silly and goofy, and all the 'cool' kids would sneer, and then secretly wish they could be having as much fun as us dorks.

Well, I really do like this Etsy shop and the print. But I really like the fact that something this simple took me back to some silly fun times with awesome girls. I love moments like that. 

I hope you have a happy day!


. { moody, cranky, grump }

Ever wake up moody and cranky? I so woke up cranky this morning. I'm not sad or anything like that, and no, guys, I'm not that kind of moody. I'm just a grump today. I'm the kind of grumpy that makes me want to yell at other drivers more than usual, go really fast on a loud motorcycle, and be a general badass with a 'screw you too' kind of attitude. Nice, right? 

So ... because I work helping people all day and it's really juvenile to be a sissy cranky stinker all day, I'm listening to my cranky-pants music (see below) this morning to get it out of my system. So please, join me in a momentary hissy fit, and let's all get back to work like adults. 

Cranky-Pants Music: 

See? Isn't that a little cathartic? OK. Have a good one peoples. And no matter what anyone tells you, it's OK to be cranky. Just don't drag it out ... that's excessive. 



. { BOSS Orange }

{ Hugo Boss Orange line, Fall 2011 }

Something pretty and fun for a Monday morning, just because. Hope your Monday goes well!


images via FGR


. { life as of late: according to my iphone }

Here are a few shots of what my life has looked like the last few days ... according to my iPhone, of course. You know, I realized that I own six cameras the other day, and I take pictures on my phone 90% of the time. Kind of ridiculous. 

As you can see, my Gorham life looks a little different from Ptown life. The boxer with the magnificent underbite is Indigo. She belongs to one of my new roommates. The sunrises over the farm down the hill are gorgeous. They are surprisingly putting the sunrises over Casco Bay to shame. I must say, in the midst of all the chaos of moving, I'm finding the quietness of living in the middle of farm land quite calming. It feels homey and natural. I am a country girl at heart, really. I like tractors and trucks, I listen to country music, and I somewhat shamelessly own a Budwiser sweatshirt with camo on it (double whammy on the fashion tragedy, right?).

Well, peoples, we've made it to Wednesday. Here's to making it through the rest of the week! Hopefully there will be some more quiet mornings coming your way too.