. { badger | mushroom flashbacks }

So, I was browsing one of my favorite blogs (Design Sponge) the other day, and saw this cute fabric pattern from Skinny La Minx, a cute shop on Etsy. Before I even had time to process the fine lines and awesome color palettes, a voice in my head starting chanting "badger-badger-badger-badger-badger-badger --- mushroom! mushroom!" 

what.   the.    heck.

Does anyone else remember this ridiculous website? I remember when we first found this in highschool me and my friends used to laugh at it for hours (yeah, we were shameless). We would even reference things like "Woooo! It's a snake!" on the bus. Yes, we were those kids. Those kids that were endlessly silly and goofy, and all the 'cool' kids would sneer, and then secretly wish they could be having as much fun as us dorks.

Well, I really do like this Etsy shop and the print. But I really like the fact that something this simple took me back to some silly fun times with awesome girls. I love moments like that. 

I hope you have a happy day!

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