. { moody, cranky, grump }

Ever wake up moody and cranky? I so woke up cranky this morning. I'm not sad or anything like that, and no, guys, I'm not that kind of moody. I'm just a grump today. I'm the kind of grumpy that makes me want to yell at other drivers more than usual, go really fast on a loud motorcycle, and be a general badass with a 'screw you too' kind of attitude. Nice, right? 

So ... because I work helping people all day and it's really juvenile to be a sissy cranky stinker all day, I'm listening to my cranky-pants music (see below) this morning to get it out of my system. So please, join me in a momentary hissy fit, and let's all get back to work like adults. 

Cranky-Pants Music: 

See? Isn't that a little cathartic? OK. Have a good one peoples. And no matter what anyone tells you, it's OK to be cranky. Just don't drag it out ... that's excessive. 


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