.. { a winter storm warning is in effect for the following counties ... }

 Oh, good morning everyone. How were you woken up this lovely morning? By song birds, rays of sunshine and fresh cups of coffee? Perhaps a sweet significant other brought you breakfast in bed and whispered sweet nothings in your ear. 

Yeah, right. 

Today, I woke up in my usual fashion. Alarm - snooze - alarm - snooze (repeat 700 times). After that fun little routine, I grabbed my handy dandy iPhone and went straight for my AccuWeather and Weather Channel apps. Don't judge me. I'm addicted to weather. I was greeted by the weather warning tone, and that annoying NOAA lady saying "a winter storm warning is in effect for the following counties ..." She proceeded to list the county I live in, the county I work in, all of the counties I will be driving through to get to the county that my parents live in. That's a whole lot of counties. By the way, that left image is the storm a brewin' in the Ohio valley. She's coming our way!

That's right, peoples. If you are hearing about the wicked storm comin' our way for the first time from me, you really need to get a life. And watch the news a little more. Or even turn on your radio. Open a newspaper. Read the almanac! Do something forgoodnessake.

So, because I live in Maine, and this weather is unavoidable, I am trying to mentally prepare for the storm. I'm keeping my eye on it (Oh, hi Radarscope - best app ever). I'm thinking about how to drive safely in the snow. I'm planning how to fit two cars and a large boat in one mid-sized garage. This storm will be the first of many storms this year, so fellow Mainers, let's put on the boots and Carharts and face this ungodly precipitation without trepidation or fear! 

OK. That took a lot of energy. I'm going to need another cup of coffee. Good luck and safe travels to everyone driving tomorrow! 


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