stuff from my muggy day:

It's hot out today... so hot I might melt into a puddle!
I always forget how all-over-the-place Maine's weather can be.
One day I feel like an ice cube and the next I'm dreaming of swimming in Sebago!

This looks nice and cool... and I want to go
Here are some things I've been browsing this
muggy-humid-sweltering day:

Camilla Akrans has awesome photography.
I really like the rosy processing too!

I also love Bersa photography.
What would it be like to be a glam photographer who travels all over to take pictures of pretty girls in pretty places? If you didn't have a travel companion you loved, it might get awful lonely. However, if you did... it sounds like it'd be
fabulous. (Akrans and Bersa via LundLund)

I found these pictures of Twiggy today, aren't they fun? I love photos like this, they're super fun. I'd hang these in simple black frames somewhere in my pretend studio-office. The place where all of my ideas float around and where I crank out awesome photos and prints and stationary and fabrics. Someday... I bet it'll happen. Oh, and my favorite quote by Twiggy? When asked why she was retiring: "You can't be a clothes hanger your entire life!" (hehe)

I've also been working today on some graphics. Since the office has been slow (knock on wood) I've been puttering with an idea that I cooked up while laying in bed last night. I really need to learn to resist the urge to drink delicious coffee past 8pm. At least my java-induced states of midnight delirium helped me come up with these goodies...

I like patterns a lot. This one was pretty simple. I just made a grid in Illustrator and got to work. I have at least six color variations that I have saved on my trusty external hard drive, but this one is a favorite.

This one is truly my favorite product from my morning spent in Illustrator. I want to print it on everything! I want to make a reversible duvet cover that's soft and smooth and cool and crisp feeling. I want to make a cotton skirt out of it to make my older sister model for me. I want to make a purse out of it (in several colors and fabrics). I want to change the colors, blow it up, shrink it down... etc.
You catch my drift.


A couple of sites that were cool:

The Minimalist from the NYTimes has 101 Simple Salads.
Pioneer Woman gave me a refresher course in photography.

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Amanda said...

i will gladly model almost anything you want - just call and i'll be there :)