another rainy friday...

It's raining in Maine today... again. Will it ever go away?
Today all I can think of is the Peter, Paul, and Mary song:

Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day...

So, here are some pretty things that have caught my eye and helped my quiet morning and afternoon slide by.

Davie & Chiyo have very cool things on Etsy.
Love this purse! It'd look very snappy and elegant with the outfit I'll be wearing to a wedding next weekend. Alas, I do not have the 85 Buckaroos required to own this baby.

Aaand while I'm in drooling-for-handbags mode, how about this?
Cotton Purr has cute hand bags, and I want this. So snappy! Plus, it's got a wrist strap, which is essential for my handiness seeing that my hands are 100% full 90% of the time. I could see this with jeans (of course) and my white ruffled tuxedo-esque shirt that I got for $12 at Marshall's this spring.

Something else that was pretty that distracted me from my silent office (not that I'm complaining). Found on Etsy by Erase and Repeat. Purples are pretty, no?
Ok. Now that I'm done drooling (wiping chin and desk),
I'm on to idea-stealing.

Very cool way to store jewelery. I hate how my necklaces are stored in a million and one Sign of the Sun boxes. They're always all tangled up, plus, I often experience moments of serious panic when I can't find something because one of the boxes has fallen behind my desk. Those moments of discovering the fallen boxes do rock though... somewhat like Christmas!
via Decorology via Together We Think Funny

I love this idea from Made by Girl.
Would it be a terrible, unforgivable thing to steal the idea and make note cards out of something like this? I can't wait for my big graphic design independent study that's coming in September. We (the minuscule art department at St. Jose's) actually just got a new room that will be converted into a print room/embossing room! The room belonged to none other than the IT office. We (the IT office) stored all of our dead computers, servers, keyboards, mice (not the furry kind), and monitors there. So, the room previously known as "the dungeon" and "the graveyard" and "that awful closet" is now going to be where I spend a lot of time. Cool!
Idea-Stealing? Check. Now back to drooling:

My heart belongs to the farm. You can take me off of it, you can sell it, you can even put me on a boring college campus. But you'll never make me stop wanting to be a horse-loving/owning country girl.

This is so pretty. I want what my family calls a "Gentleman's Farm" when I'm a big kid and have kids and lots of money (haha). Wouldn't a country home with some pretty little nags be nice?
Ok, I've rambled about all the things I want.
Now about the things I have:

I love my family.
I love my education.
So many opportunities that too many people don't have.
I love my country
... regardless of the current leadership's faux pas.
I love my new rain jacket that my Mom bought for me!

Lord knows I need it with this weather!

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Amanda said...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who sings Peter, Paul & Mary in my head on rainy days. I go over and over their beautiful harmonies for hours on some of these days...

Also, now I'm drooling for that clutch. Wow, so fabulous!