happy friday!

My 10 day week is finally over! Hopefully the office will be slow and uneventful today so I don't start my weekend super stressed. So far the coffee has no grounds in it and there's fresh creamer. Hooray!

The agenda for the weekend?

This weekend is the Yarmouth Clam Festival!
(photo via my flickr)

above: part of last year's Carnival
below: the parade--Yarmouth FD

All in all, it's a small-scale affair with a small-town feel.
But large-scale fun, if you ask me.

Erin Vey takes great pictures of people and their pets.
Her flickr is great too.

It's pretty hard to take good pictures of animals, she must have a really nice camera. Someday, grasshopper. Someday.

Judy Garland Jewlery is cute/fun with a little taste of vintage.
Found her via Old Sweet Song.
New find: dry erase paint
It's probably been around for a while, but I'm just now finding out about it.
So cool! Now my mind is running wild with project ideas...
IdeaPaint has plenty uses for dry erase paint, and I want to see all of them in action... what if your wall was stucco or someone did a bad job sheet-rocking?

Jan Von Holleben has some pretty interesting photography ideas.
I'll have to keep it in mind for the next round of photo classes.


have a great weekend!

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