for a saturday.

Found this site, and I'm in love.
If I said this to someone, it'd mean a lot!

Pretty punk via Le Fashion.

cheap version for a punk-ish summer look.
via Forever 21.
(much more affordable for us normal folks)

Very good. Please note the heels.
(via Le Love)

Rats = adorable.
This rat? very adorable.
(via that thing Al Gore invented)

Check out Budget Fashion Report. It's great for us fashion lovers who are penniless.
Check out Seaglass Photography.
Tess is from Maine and has shot a few people I know multiple times... and rocks.


happy-happy-happy spring!

Springtime is here, and I can't wait for these!
(via my flickr)

I've got the spring-bug--
my cabin fever's at an all-time high.
I want to go here now.

This jacket by Orla Kiely would be perfect for
wearing to either of the above locations!

I love sketches, especially ones by Garance Dore.

Brocade Home is back in business!
Some of this stuff is too ornate and fussy...
but this chair = love.

Fantastic stationary found at Black Pearl Press.
(via Ali Loves Curtis)

Very cool pattern. Think I could make this in Illustrator?
(via Orla Kiely)

Hooray for paper cranes! These were used at a wedding!
Just for kicks and giggles, I'm making my own version.
(via Eco Chic Weddings)
Because I'm a dummy, I had to find these great instructions on how to actually make paper cranes.
Tamara Muth-King photography is amazing.


announcing hump day...

new spring looks from Steve Alan.

Love the looks...

great picture from ARFotography.
i love light-play, don't you?

I likey a lot. via A Beastie A Day.

holy cuteness. i want one!
(found him here)

Amazing photo shoot done for Vanity Fair.
(West Side Story themed)

awesome little mobile... looks easy enough, right?
(via this is glamorous)
Across the Universe has got to be one of my favorite movies... here's the trailer. I listen to the soundtrack religiously too. What is it that we love about the Beatles SO much?


monday, monday...

(love this picture)

wouldn't be nice to look that fashionable
first thing in the morning?
via Sublet Clothing.

great, earthy little top.
also via Sublet Clothing.

something for my red-coat obsession.
(via Smythe)


On Mondays I can't help but think of the Mama's and Papa's song...
Monday Monday, can't trust that day,
Monday Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way
Oh Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be
Oh Monday Monday, how yould cou leave and not take me?


feeling selby-inspired.

Sunrise at St. Joseph's College of Maine.
Today I was looking at The Selby,
and felt like making my own version.

See, I'm stuck in a dorm room, and even though that sucks in general, my style definitely shouldn't suffer. Through the year I've collected, duct taped, hung, re-hung, and re-arranged my tiny little room.
And now I have this.

My laptop. It's a Mac wanna-be.
ART IS poster = daily inspiration.

The workspace of all workspaces.
Is using 2 laptops like double-fisting?

Giraffe that my friend brought me from Africa.

The nightstand:
lamp, alarm clock, favorite sissy picture.

Doodles on the fridge.

Excessive storage rocks.

Essentials for procrastinating and
project ideas for my news layout class.

My Jimi Hendrix Axis poster is so colorful,
it doesn't matter that half of the year here is winter.

I go on an African safari every time I watch TV.

Displaying my Boston pride & some American pride.
It's also my favorite thing to put my latest doodles,
projects, etc. on the fridge for all to see!

One of my favorite posters.

Record covers are great decorations. Who knew?
All of mine were 25cents at the Dollar Tree!
The prettier and cozier, the happier I am.
Shouldn't my home-away-from-home
feel like home?

More clothing labels I've fallen in love with:
Sublet Clothing: eco-apparel
Steven Alan


it's a monday

Ralph Lauren Spring 08 RTW.
So classy it's almost intimidating.

This purple dress is a knockout!
I started looking through all of last years' shows.
I'd have to say, Ralph Lauren had a great year.

Seriously sexy shoe by Dries Van Noten.
Looks like a Friday shoe to me!

Marc by Marc Jacobs is fabulous. End of story.

Versace went for a serious goddess look in her Spring 08 RTW collection.
Doesn't mean I love it any less.

Versace is oh so pretty. This is from the Fall 08 Pre-Collection.
I really like this outfit, but somehow I don't think it'd fly at the office.

Petz Scholtus of Barcelona has made her apartment 100% ecofriendly.
Everything she uses is either from an eco-conscious company or recycled.
Found her in the NYTimes, but her blog (R3 Project) is even better.

Crazy light Petz made from an old water bottle...
this woman recycles everything.


SS09's are out

SS09 is out for Hengst. love the retro-style.

Madewell's SS09 is out, and I'm in love again.
Stella McCartney's SS09 collection is amazing.
I wish I could find the soundtrack to the runway show!


pretty bride

Pretty wedding gown found at JCrew...