happy-happy-happy spring!

Springtime is here, and I can't wait for these!
(via my flickr)

I've got the spring-bug--
my cabin fever's at an all-time high.
I want to go here now.

This jacket by Orla Kiely would be perfect for
wearing to either of the above locations!

I love sketches, especially ones by Garance Dore.

Brocade Home is back in business!
Some of this stuff is too ornate and fussy...
but this chair = love.

Fantastic stationary found at Black Pearl Press.
(via Ali Loves Curtis)

Very cool pattern. Think I could make this in Illustrator?
(via Orla Kiely)

Hooray for paper cranes! These were used at a wedding!
Just for kicks and giggles, I'm making my own version.
(via Eco Chic Weddings)
Because I'm a dummy, I had to find these great instructions on how to actually make paper cranes.
Tamara Muth-King photography is amazing.

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Sarah Arkanoff said...

Love the trench coat! Beautiful!!!♥