feeling selby-inspired.

Sunrise at St. Joseph's College of Maine.
Today I was looking at The Selby,
and felt like making my own version.

See, I'm stuck in a dorm room, and even though that sucks in general, my style definitely shouldn't suffer. Through the year I've collected, duct taped, hung, re-hung, and re-arranged my tiny little room.
And now I have this.

My laptop. It's a Mac wanna-be.
ART IS poster = daily inspiration.

The workspace of all workspaces.
Is using 2 laptops like double-fisting?

Giraffe that my friend brought me from Africa.

The nightstand:
lamp, alarm clock, favorite sissy picture.

Doodles on the fridge.

Excessive storage rocks.

Essentials for procrastinating and
project ideas for my news layout class.

My Jimi Hendrix Axis poster is so colorful,
it doesn't matter that half of the year here is winter.

I go on an African safari every time I watch TV.

Displaying my Boston pride & some American pride.
It's also my favorite thing to put my latest doodles,
projects, etc. on the fridge for all to see!

One of my favorite posters.

Record covers are great decorations. Who knew?
All of mine were 25cents at the Dollar Tree!
The prettier and cozier, the happier I am.
Shouldn't my home-away-from-home
feel like home?

More clothing labels I've fallen in love with:
Sublet Clothing: eco-apparel
Steven Alan

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