it's a monday

Ralph Lauren Spring 08 RTW.
So classy it's almost intimidating.

This purple dress is a knockout!
I started looking through all of last years' shows.
I'd have to say, Ralph Lauren had a great year.

Seriously sexy shoe by Dries Van Noten.
Looks like a Friday shoe to me!

Marc by Marc Jacobs is fabulous. End of story.

Versace went for a serious goddess look in her Spring 08 RTW collection.
Doesn't mean I love it any less.

Versace is oh so pretty. This is from the Fall 08 Pre-Collection.
I really like this outfit, but somehow I don't think it'd fly at the office.

Petz Scholtus of Barcelona has made her apartment 100% ecofriendly.
Everything she uses is either from an eco-conscious company or recycled.
Found her in the NYTimes, but her blog (R3 Project) is even better.

Crazy light Petz made from an old water bottle...
this woman recycles everything.

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