. { calming bedrooms - a must }

How divine do these beds look? Maybe I need another cup of coffee, but looking at calm and serene bedrooms is making me miss my bed. I bet my bed misses me too. 

So, I moved this weekend with the help of my awesome family and friends. Let me tell you, consolidating a full 1BR apartment's contents into a room in an all ready furnished house is not easy. I am bruised, sore, and it took me 15 minutes to find my shoes this morning. Tonight my focus is going to getting my room whipped into shape. Then I can have a quiet and serene little room too! My Dad and I painted my new room this week - the shade is similar to the walls in the left picture ... score.  Sidenote - Have you ever heard of West Elm? I just found this through Cup of Jo, and am loving their lighting!

Anyways, Happy Monday / Halloween!

(images via the World Wide Web)
(via Al Gore ... thanks, Al)

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