. { relax with a little ripple }

Sometimes Monday mornings are just innately stressful. Ever notice that? 

I am preparing to move (yet again) this coming weekend, and I must say, relocating your entire life is something I find to be extraordinarily stressful. I like things put away, organized, and looking good. That is so not what my apartment looks like right now.  The move is a positive thing for sure, but the process sucks (to give you the long and short of it!). 

So, this morning I was feeling a little harried, so I turned on my go-to destresser song. Now, maybe this sounds a little hippie and "hey man, it's all good"-ish, but the Grateful Dead always mellow me out. Unfailingly, I chill the ... heck out when I listen to the Dead. 

Here's a little Ripple for you ... who knows? Maybe it'll mellow you out too if you're having a crazy Monday. 


(illustration via Shan Jiang)

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