t minus 8

There are only 8 days until I am a college graduate.

I am sad to say this, but someone stole this photo
from my gallery space this week. I am so disappointed
by this, I can't even begin to explain. Where's the class in that?

I found my old Polaroid camera yesterday.
I think I might go buy film and take some fun pictures.
Perhaps it'll brighten my spirit after filling out theft reports.

This poster is awesome!


t minus 9

T minus 9 days until graduation.

Isn't that wild? 

I love my school, and I love the people here.

But I will most certainly feel like I can take a 
deep breath when I can stop rushing around for finals.

Happy Hump-Day



It's finally Friday! Hooray!
Tomorrow is my Senior Ball at the Eastland Park Hotel 
in Portland. I'm very excited to get my hair done,
finally wear that gorgeous dress of mine 
(it's been staring at me all week), 
and be the cutest and fanciest couple there!

This is what I'll be doing all weekend.
My friends will hate me, their parents will adore me.

This hair-do is wonderful. 
Not for the ball, but for any other day... yes.

Hi, my name is Hannah and I am addicted to 
fashionable coats. Forever 21 just came out 
with this little number... and it's so excellent.


Happy Friday!


my eyes are *starving* for beauty...

It's Tuesday, and the week of the show has officially gotten 
underway! I still have to put up a name plaque though.
I'm such a bad artist... I need a gallery manager or something.

Last night I watched The September Issue and loved it!
It's a documentary about Vogue US and Anna Wintour 
(editor). What an awesome look into the fashion industry 
and it's main woman. (The title of today is my 
favorite quote from the movie by Andre Leon Talley).

After watching The September Issue, I browsed 
FGR for a while, and found this amazing shoot for 
Vogue China. I love how soft her hair and makeup are!


ps. I'll stop being lazy and go take a picture of my 
show ASAP. I swear...


Thesis Show

My thesis show is up successfully, not without 
it's fair share of blood, sweat and tears! My fingers
are all cut up from trimming and framing with heavy weight
papers and metal frames... but it was well worth it! 

This image is the biggest print I made: 36" x 39"! It was a huge 
hit at the opening (the annual academic awards ceremony).
It was taken at the school's donated Marshall Property
(aerial view above). I love that set of buildings!

This one (isn't Ashley such a pro?) is one of my personal favs.
I just love broken window and scuzzy bricks. It was taken
at the Buxton Dam (aerial view above) after a huge rainstorm... it was 
so loud at the dam we could barely hear each other, so most of 
the images taken that day were completely without direction 
... go Ashley!

This is my other favorite of the show, taken on the
Custom House Wharf in the Old Port. It was another
big hit at the show! Above is yet another aerial view.


ps. I love Bing Maps.
(in case you couldn't tell)


awesome quote


How awesome is that?


ode to grey

It's the day before my show has to be up! Yikes!
Tonight I have to finish printing, matting, framing, and hanging
all of my work... no biggie, right? I'll be sure to take pictures 
to post the final product. With all this black and white 
photography I figured I'd share some of my love for the color grey....

I do love the color grey... soothing and classy.
(images via pink wallpaper)

Now, back to my thesis-saga.


halfway to the weekend = awesome

It's Wednesday, and the push to get my thesis work printed,
framed, and hung by Friday is here! Thanks to sister, I've got some
expert advise on how to hang things. In the meantime, 
some gems that caught my eye and made me happy this AM:

I love this ring.
So simple, so elegant.

I love all things with horses.
I totally didn't grow out of the horse-obsessed stage.

I love this photo I took of my friend.
Isn't she pretty?


Happy Humpday!
(aka Wednesday)


{friday at last}

This photo of US Marines feeding a puppy in Afghanistan
warmed my heart this morning, so I thought I'd share!
(via MSNBC)


Happy Friday!


{thursday favorites}

I love this poster from Dear Colleen... very sharp.

Emily Gilbert has some great interior shots.
I love this chair and the built-in book case behind it!

Here is one of the several versions of the logo I designed 
for St. Joseph's College of Maine EMS. I tried to incorporate
the typical star of life with the school's crest... what do you think?


Happy Thursday!


Sharon Montrose video

 I recently saw this on The Storque, and loved 
seeing some of Sharon Montrose's personality!