Thesis Show

My thesis show is up successfully, not without 
it's fair share of blood, sweat and tears! My fingers
are all cut up from trimming and framing with heavy weight
papers and metal frames... but it was well worth it! 

This image is the biggest print I made: 36" x 39"! It was a huge 
hit at the opening (the annual academic awards ceremony).
It was taken at the school's donated Marshall Property
(aerial view above). I love that set of buildings!

This one (isn't Ashley such a pro?) is one of my personal favs.
I just love broken window and scuzzy bricks. It was taken
at the Buxton Dam (aerial view above) after a huge rainstorm... it was 
so loud at the dam we could barely hear each other, so most of 
the images taken that day were completely without direction 
... go Ashley!

This is my other favorite of the show, taken on the
Custom House Wharf in the Old Port. It was another
big hit at the show! Above is yet another aerial view.


ps. I love Bing Maps.
(in case you couldn't tell)

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