halfway to the weekend = awesome

It's Wednesday, and the push to get my thesis work printed,
framed, and hung by Friday is here! Thanks to sister, I've got some
expert advise on how to hang things. In the meantime, 
some gems that caught my eye and made me happy this AM:

I love this ring.
So simple, so elegant.

I love all things with horses.
I totally didn't grow out of the horse-obsessed stage.

I love this photo I took of my friend.
Isn't she pretty?


Happy Humpday!
(aka Wednesday)


Amanda said...

i like the new header - spiffy.

also - where's the ring from?

Hannah said...

I saw the ring on A Life More Fabulous the other day, and loved it! It's made by href="http://www.stkildajewelry.com/detail/1,12/" St. Kilda Jewelery

abby said...

rings: love.