{ welcome home, boys. welcome home. }

There is no greater day than Opening Day at Fenway!

Just think, Sunday night I will be doing the following things:

1. Listening to Tessie and other Dropkick favorites on the T on the way to the ballpark
2. At Fenway Park watching the Sox take on the Yanks in Game 3 with a wonderful friend.
3. Cheering like a moron for my team loudly and obnoxiously.
4. Singing Sweet Caroline with hundreds of people at the Bottom of the 8th (love).
5. Lamenting my devouring of a Fenway Frank and a few beers ... it's going to happen.
6. Riding the T back home either a) on a natural high of happiness or b) saddened by a loss.

Lets hope for A.

* photos via me.

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