new theme, new feel

So, I'm trying out a new theme for a new feel to my blog ... so I apologize for any random email updates, new post updates, etc. Time to brush back up on my HTML code! There will be some serious quirks around here for a little while. 
In the meantime, I was browsing through the ridiculous amount of saved images I have from the blogosphere, and check these puppies out ...

I really like this color palette for a spring feeling. With our random 45 degree days around here {soaring temps, right?} I've been starting to get spring fever big time! I will be moving soon, and instead of looking at how much of a pain in the arse it's going to be, which it will be, I'm trying to looking past the boxes, packing, search and rescue of lost items to the near future where I'll be redecorating my new home. {I'm totally going to eventually enlisting Mom and Sister for that if they'll partake}. But, these stripes, the metallics, leather, cools mixed with warms and the whole clean but rich feel makes me pretty happy. 

So, the blog has a new theme and a new address {mcgowandesign.blogspot.com}.
Similarly {and hopefully} I'll have a new theme and a new address soon too!

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