[ second day ]

 Today is the second day of my last week at SJC ...

Bittersweet to say the least. After a long sixish months
of waiting to be told my employment status here, the board
finally decided [right before Christmas I might add] to 
end the stringing-along and give me three weeks.

It kind of bums me out, but I'm trying a new approach.
This is my opportunity to leave my comfort zone 
and try something new... maybe even go somewhere new?

It's a new year - a new decade! And I'm still young ...
I've got my whole life ahead of me to get stuck in a rut,
now is the time to mix it up and live my own little 
American dream! OK. I'm done with the sappiness.
(collective sigh of relief)

What's next? A second bachelor's degree by the time
I'm 25, a kickin' new career in Criminal Justice,
and maybe/hopefully a job that has insurance!

I dearly love JayMay's soft and sweet voice.
I've been listening to this song quietly this morning in 
my ear buds. Hooray for having long curly hair
to hide ear buds under at work!


Happy Tuesday!

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