[ the meaning of love is... ]

This is how you know you love your older sister very much:
when she is sick you take a (painstaking) 15 minutes to
write her an insanely idiotic poem about boogers, Theraflu, and love.
Dearest Sister, I have written you this literary masterpiece in 
hopes of cheering your sick and snot-filled spirit.

I hope you feel better soon,
If you do not, you'll feel like a goon.

Your head is filled with snot,
And I assure you, hot this is not.

Although you are snotty and sick,
We all still love you, through thin and thick.

I encourage you to try Theraflu,
If you do not, you'll still feel like poo.

I hope feel better soon,
If you do not you'll feel like a loon.

For being sick is not fun,
And now my poem is all done.

If this has not successfully cheered your boogery spirit 
through and through, I will forever give up my career
in poetry. I sincerely hope this is not the case,
for (alas), the rest of the globe will suffer 
for your un-cheerful disposition.

xoxoxoxo, H
I can truly say, I am unashamed to write my big sister
awkward and weird poetry. Now that's love, people.   

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