tuesday's treats?

Madewell has such nice clothes...
I love this "look," especially the top half.

Found this designer (Jo No Fui) kickin' around today... very pretty children's clothing. I love the earth tones!

(what a beautiful child)

Elegant dresses found in the women's Autumn/Winter 08 collections (also on Jo No Fui).

Took this (hanging out the side of my friend's car) going through Otisfield, ME. Everything has been covered in ice since Friday's ice storm. Who doesn't love Maine?

Italy is getting tons of rain... Check out the NY Times slide show all about the flooding.
St. Mark's Square in Venice, Italy (above).

Tourists... they're the best, aren't they? (St. Mark's Square, Venice, Italy).

Steven Alan has great clothes... I'd call it retro-classy-homey.
I love this striped Laurel dress.

Check out this very Ralph Lauren meets Jacki-O jacket here.
It's on sale (for $349.00)! Maybe 20 years down the road I'll be able to afford his clothes.
Also found these today:
1- Max Wanger Photography: LOVE the layout of the site... it's what I'm modeling my coming-soon photography site after!

2- Oh Leoluca: fun Etsy clothing site... funky-hipster.
Love the faux fur clothes.

3- Twig: (stole this from A Cup of Jo). Fun things for clothes, toys, home.

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