hump day.

* * * * * * *
it's snowing in Maine today! * * * * * *

More of Sessun's great clothes... love how comfy and classy they look.
Plus, great bags.

Today's weather in Portland, ME. Finally some snow!
Found on WMTW's skycam.

Light and airy rooms for kids and adults at Serena and Lilly.
The pretty fabrics, and comfy looking bedrooms are my favorites!

Great Christmas cards from Cotton. They have such great stationary!
The entire site is awesome... really crazy graphic design work.

My favorite Christmas album of the year... and possibly life?
Diana Krall's Christmas Songs.

Great (but different) Christmas decorations on Nestled In.

* * * *

Check out how bad the flooding in Venice is today here.
HK Living - Dronten, The Netherlands has pretty and simple Norwegian furnishings.
Some of it's gorgeous with a pseudo-antique look.
Some of it looks like it needs a little paint... (too rustic for me!).
* * * *

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