{ caffeine addict 101 }

I thought I'd share this with my fellow caffeine freaks. Because I, for one, have a huge caffeine problem! If I don't get my morning coffee, not only am I a total baby and grump, but I'm so tired I can barely make the 19 mile commute to work without cussing out multiple idiot drivers. (It's a real problem). I'm just like my Dad, his Mother, my Sister ...  actually, just count the entire family. We are one giant collection of coffee addicted freaks. 

Loveable freaks? Absolutely. 
Completely dependent on caffeine? Absolutely.

p.s.  I got to spend time with my aforementioned caffeine addicted family at my beautiful Cousin's wedding this past weekend! Hopefully I can get my butt in gear and post something about that soon.

In the meantime... Happy Hump Day!

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